How to cut bamboo correctly?

How to cut bamboo correctly?
Generally, it has been harvested in three years, and the time is not regulated and according to needs, but winter and spring are the best.Because bamboo has stopped growing, and soon after being felled, bamboo shoots emerge, which can be connected to renew the bamboo forest.
When felling bamboo, attention should also be paid to the number of felling.If cut too much, it will cause the bamboo forest to age faster and even become barren or overgrown with weeds; if cut too little, there will be no more shoots in the coming year, which will also affect the normal growth of the bamboo forest.Generally, after felling of clump bamboos, about 1,000 plants per mu should be retained; after moso bamboo forests have been felled, 200-300 plants per mu should be retained; and mixed bamboo forests should retain about 2,000 plants per mu; and the preserved bamboo plants should be evenly distributed.On the woodland.In this way, the bamboo forest can always be used for sustainable use.

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