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 Bamboo cotton pads


Bamboo cotton pads



1)Bamboo terry, 80% bamboo+20% polyester

2)Bamboo Velour, 60% bamboo+20% polyester+20% cotton

3)Bamboo Charcoal, 100% polyester

4)Bamboo cotton interlock, 70% bamboo+30% cotton

5)hemp cotton, 70% hemp+30% cotton

6)100% cotton


By purchasing and using this product instead of disposable cotton pads you will be significantly reducing your waste and reducing your use of single use plastic that disposable pads often come wrapped in. They are also cost effective meaning you will save money in the long run!
BAMBOO is a great sustainable and eco friendly material. Bamboo fibres are also naturally antibacterial.

100% cotton laundry bag. Fully recyclable packaging. Suitable for ALL skin types. Men, women, children and babies, they are great for the whole family. 
By purchasing this product you will reduce your use of single-use plastic, reduce waste and reduce the amount of money spent on disposable cotton pads.  
    The texture of these pads make them great at gently exfoliating your skin whilst cleansing. Can be used with just warm water, makeup remover, toner, micellar water. Soft enough to comfortably remove eye makeup with ease. 


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