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Bamboo cotton buds

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Bamboo cotton buds

100% ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDIY: The organic bamboo cotton buds are 100% biodegradable. The eco cotton buds come in a come in a recycled paper box. Unlike other brand’s products,these cotton wool buds biodegradable are totally eco-friendly with plastic-free packaging.They contain 0% single use plastic and 100% recyclable. 

PACK OF 100: There are 200 bamboo cotton buds in the box. 

BAMBOO STICK: Bamboo is a sustainable renewable resource the bamboo sticks is durable and stronger than paper sticks that do not cope well with water. 

MULTI-PURPOSE: These natural cotton buds recyclable can be widely used at home such as drying and cleaning ears after bath,doing makeup,pressing wound and so on.They are absolutely a must in our daily life. 

ECO FRIENDLY: Your new eco cotton buds are made of 100% pure cotton.Compared with traditional plastic cotton buds,these biodegradable cotton buds are ideal substitutes.We are glad to see everyone trying to reduce using disposable plastic products and turn to environment friendly alternative.No more plastic cotton swabs and no more feeling guilty about throwing away your used ear cotton buds from now on. 


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